• Express yourself. draw it. sing it. strum it. code it. design it. shoot it. write it. bake it. plant it. paint it.
  • The world needs your pixie dust. Done be afraid to be magical.
  • You are made of starstuff. Literally. Says Carl Sagan. The atoms in your being once exploded in distant stars. You are that extraordinary. Brilliant and heavenly. Born to shine.

Your creativity is sacred.

You quietly and carefully nurture it. Yet, when you step into the big, bad world, you leave it stashed safely in a closet where it will be safe from ridicule, bullying, or misunderstanding.

You long to share it, but you think your vision is still a work in progress. Not yet “good enough” when you look at your mentors and peers.

More time, more skills, more supplies, more access, and then you’ll be ready. When the powers that be notice you and deem you “awesome”, that’s when it’ll be safe to drag the full spectrum of your creativity into the light.

But here’s the truth. Our creativity is as strong as a steel beam, yet as flexible as a stalk of wheat in a summer storm.

Don’t be afraid to be magical.