Undercover Outliers

Calling all you Undercover Outliers. Now is the time to show yourselves. Now is the time to shine. Now is the time to imagine, make, create, educate, heal. Now is the time to lead.

You are the one who is ahead of the curve even though most folks don’t recognize you’re outpacing them.

You are the one who plays your cards close to the chest for fear you’ll be misunderstood. You are the one who long for big, bold bursts of change planted with care. You are the one with the super special skill set that will blaze new trails where no one ever thought to tread.

You are the one I’m talking to here.

It’s not enough to know what you know. You have to act.

It’s terrifying, I know. But don’t be afraid. Or be afraid. And do it anyways.

I’m asking of you what I am asking of myself. To stand up and speak up. To say what you need to say. To learn how to say what you need to say. And then speak your truth as best you can.

Don’t waste time copying someone’s else answers. Present your own. Right or wrong is unimportant.

It’s the act of showing up and speaking up that stirs the energy of evolution.

Our greyscale world needs your color. And mine. And whatever new colors we mix together.

You are not alone.

Your heart is the big box of paint
And others, the canvas we’re dealt
— Andy Partridge


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